How Xijian Zhou, An Unknown Chinese MLM Promoter, Made $5 Billion In A Matter Of Months


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If you think Mark Zuckerberg’s path to becoming a billionaire was fast, consider the case of Xijian Zhou, a 39-year Chinese investor who apparently turned a few hundred thousand dollars into $5 billion in a matter of a few months.

In March 2013,  Xijian Zhou a director at a Nanjing, China-based multi-level marketing firm paid $306,680 for an 82% controlling stake in a Nevada registered firm called Advento, Inc. that “intended to commence operations in the distribution of shower cabinets.” He subsequently conducted a 300-to-one reverse stock split and renamed the company Joymain International Development Group, with a plan to develop healthcare related consumer products.

Twenty-seven months later, his 750 million Joymain shares are worth in excess of $5 billion on paper after trading up nearly 10,000% through 2015 on over-the-counter markets in the United States.

In the annals of billionaires made rich overnight by the soaring shares of thinly-traded penny stocks, Zhou’s fortune ranks high. However, it also revives serious questions about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s oversight of OTC stock trading and, in particular, China-based firms with hard to track management and board teams, in addition to scores of related parties transactions and insider share deals.