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Growth Stage Portfolio Brands

SPACs, Direct Listings, & CRE Sponsors


Value Creation Strategy
Capital Markets
Corporate Development
Direct Listings
Investor Relations / Brand Awareness



Modular Solutions
Integrated Solutions
Scaled Solutions (ProAltIRTM)
Corporate Governance Options (w/Scaled Solutions)
George Raney



Equity capital market (ECM) solutions for global SMEs

Valuation Multiples becoming primary corporate strategy

Provide a full arsenal of ECM resources for listed and unlisted issuers to maximize returns for invested capital and shareholders

Integrate and scale corporate development, investor relations, & capital markets outreach campaigns to create a continuous loop of value creation and investor expectations

Actively manage development of valuation multiples by guiding industry value chain and investment community audiences through stages of brand equity development


Modular Solutions

Brand positioning, outreach campaigns, & target CRM databases (VCS)
Full range institutional investors, including GP, LP and debt layers (CM)
Distribution alliances & partnership revenues (CD)
US ticker symbols, & investors, employees and insider liquidity (DL)
Tax free liquidity, MBOs, & succession (ESOPs)
Valuation multiples, deal pipelines, & interactive multichannel communication platform featuring  Internet, social media and email marketing (IR/BA)


Integrated Solutions

Value Creation
growth exposure, risk management, ROI, & investor expectations

Shareholder Returns
Valuation multiples, capital gains, & market capitalization

Complete deal cycle management and market executions

Scaled Solutions (ProAltIRTM)

Interactive multichannel outreach platform, trading market development of listed shares, proprietary deal flow, brand equity, & collateralization of intangible assets


Corporate Governance Options (w/Scaled Solutions)

Board of Directors, Executive Director, corporate officer, management cross functional team closings, content editor (original & curated), shareholder contact, media spokesman, listing exchange liaison, conflict resolutions, professional services outsourcing (SEC attys, CPAs, litigators, Internet and social media marketers, revenue services, and IT consultants), & project management



Flexible success fee based retainers, commissions, and equity participation

George Raney

I am thrilled with the revival of the direct listings market and have relaunched Raney & Associated to provide my customized solutions that create, unlock, and enhance enterprise value and shareholder returns for growth stage brands!

As a Keirsey Rational, the Architect type, I have been fascinated with the growth component of value creation since my introduction to the economic theories on multinational corporations and foreign direct investments at Ohio State, where I was granted permission from the chairman of the economics department to enroll in graduate level courses and do independent research under his guidance on international trade and finance.

It was there that I also got my first exposure to brand awareness campaigns as the youngest and most senior political campaign manager for a statewide public relations firm specializing in corporate sponsored local elections, whose partners included the State Representative of the district for the State capital.  

I am a Michigan MBA and gained my first exposure to investment banking during my summer internship in Los Angeles.  I was lucky to begin my post MBA career in the vanguard of two industries.  Not only was I originating the biggest private placement mandates in the country and selling them to offshore hedge funds, I sourced the first US direct listing from China, the first outward bound PRC acquisition in America, and managed PRC State sponsored deal flow.

I began developing my enterprise value creation and shareholder return innovations, before discovering the management consulting theories on the subjects, in a desperate attempt to expand private placement capital beyond the risks of convertible debt induced death spirals to client share prices.

As the majority of my work involves board authorization, participation, and oversite because of the resolutions required to issue equity, I launched Raney & Associates to provide access to my endorsed strategies that create brand value and to promote equity capital markets as a more viable and transparent funding option for global SMEs.  My solutions are not only proven, integrable, and scalable, they are the most cost-effective in the market.

As a generalist, I have spent the post-APO debacle and implosion developing strategies for private issuers in a variety of industries, and expanding my audience of institutional investors, which now also include venture debt and every layer of the capital stack for CRE sponsors of multifamily acquisitions and senior living developments.

I was born in Virginia, but grew up in Ohio as a multi-sports all-star, including a 4-time undefeated PPK champion and all-conference footballer.  And I am the favorite grandchild of Donald Mills, the most recorded lead singer in music history.  The Mills Brothers spent the early part of WWII in London, where my grandmother, a professional ballerina whose family changed their name from Kline to Keene, is from. I am a bachelor living in Santa Monica who enjoys travel, reading, sports, working out, and exploring online the locations of my website visitors.







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