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C-Level Expertise in Capital Markets, Corporate Development, Investor Relations, and Direct Listings, providing 

Single asset portfolio brands with private placement capital, enterprise value creation, shareholder returns, liquidity, and corporate governance


About George Raney
Private Placement Capital
Enterprise Value Creation
Shareholder Returns
Corporate Governance


About George Raney

Is an unlicensed professional intermediary operating under client corporate veils to deliver customized market systems that grow audiences of institutional investors, enterprise valuations, shareholder returns, and liquidity for employees, investors and insiders through performance-based campaign engagements integrating three distinct services: buy-side and sell-side investment banking and investor relations.

As a generalist with extensive and historic cross border deal experience, I have a big picture perspective, a brand equity approach, a results-oriented focus, and an extensive skill set that creates value at each deal cycle phase.

For growth stage portfolio brands, I am an exclusive service provider for management; a bit of a conservator for their boards; and for their general and limited partners, premium portfolio insurance because within one quarter, I can source all of the working capital required for the next phase of milestone projections; within two quarters, I’ll close a corporate development deal that generates new revenues; within three quarters, my brand awareness campaigns will create market expectations that can double brand value; and within one year, for any brand from frontier markets to unicorns, I can have it fully listed at full market value with an active and liquid trading market for its shares of common stock!

I approach each deal opportunity from the same perspective: valuation multiples.  Obviously, it is important to understand milestones achieved from past capital raises, but more importantly, what are the projected returns, exit time frame, liquidity event and use of proceeds for the next round of funding from institutional investors.

I was lucky to begin my career in the vanguard to two new industries.  I originated private placement mandates from public CEOs, which I sold to offshore funds and I managed the US corporate development for Chinese portfolio brands­­­ of Asian private equity funds seeking liquidity and capital from US listings.  (Not only were some of these China deals historic firsts they led to several exclusive State approved mandates, including the opportunity to source the capital, technology, and content for a national fiber optic backbone as well as the opportunity to sell the first majority interest in a PRC cable TV network to foreign investors.

Over the years I have developed and refined a system, Proactive, Alternative Investor Relations ™ (ProAltIR.com) to attract institutional investors, boost their returns and provide listing liquidity through corporate development campaigns run over client investor relations platforms, which can be scaled quite cost effectively through Internet, social media, and email brand awareness campaigns throughout the investment community and client industry value chains to deliver pipelines of proprietary deal flow and investor expectations that drive valuation multiples to minimize dilution.

Although ProAltIR™ may still be a bit ahead of its time for US listed companies and startups, what about the single asset portfolio brands yet to yield any returns to LPs?


Equity capital market solutions to fund the growth of global SMEs

Corporate Development becomes standard board strategy

Inorganic revenue and optimistic investor valuation expectations

Integrate Corporate Development, Investor Relations, and Brand Awareness

Valuation multiples becoming primary corporate objective




Private Placement Capital
Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Office, Hedge Funds, Venture Debt, and Accredited Investors

Enterprise Value Creation
Distribution Alliances and Innovation Partnerships that grow inorganic revenues, minimize market and capital structure risks, increase returns on capital investments, and bolster investor expectations (see components BCG’s Value Creation model).

Shareholder Returns
Corporate Development and Investor Relations campaigns that drive valuation multiples, capital gains, market capitalization, gross margins and brand equity

Private Markets:  ESOPs, Buyouts, and Trade Sales

Public Markets:  IPO, RTO, APO, cross-border and dual listings

Proactive Alternative Investor Relations™ (ProAltIR.com)
Complete deal cycle management and market executions of buy-side and sell-side campaigns featuring an interactive and integrated multichannel outreach platforms utilizing Internet, social medial, and email marketing to spread brand awareness throughout the investment community and client industry value chains to grow proprietary deal flow, valuation multiples, liquidity of listed shares, and brand equity.                                                                                                 

Corporate Governance
Board Advisor and Executive Director managing deal campaign strategy, outreach, due diligence, negotiations, cross functional team closings, investor relations and brand awareness content (original & curated), conflict resolutions, professional services outsourcing (SEC attorneys, CPAs, litigators, Internet and social media marketers, revenue services, and IT consultants) and project management; and acting as shareholder contact, media spokesman, and listing exchange liaison.